A song tells a story. In the case of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, it is a dark and haunting one. Since I love to draw I adore songs that have strong visuals and there are some that produce vivid pictures in my head every time I listen. This is one of them.

When I illustrated this poster I thought of those images it produces and the way the music makes me feel when I listen to it. I think of it kind of like making a cover of a piece of music that you like, your own interpretation, but in this case it’s in a completely different medium. It was interesting to think about translating the stylistic devices of music (tone, rhythm, pitch, …) into those of visual art.

That was my main focus. I wanted to work with larger, flat shapes and really focus on the composition and colours of the drawing.

Since I mostly illustrate traditionally and with a lot of detail, using Procreate as a medium allowed me to experiment a lot.