this was made during my time at Science Communication Lab. all rights belong to them.


Archaeological News 2022

In 2022, Archaeologist Dr. Daniel Zwick made a fascinating discovery. He excavated three historical shipwrecks on Süderoogsand, in the North Sea.

Archaeology is a wonderful subject. I think it is incredible how scientists put the pieces of history together and it was a pleasure to have a part in bringing this one back to life.

Since 2016 my colleagues at Science Communication Lab have been in charge of the design for the annually published Archaeological News, a journal about the archaeological excavations and events in Schleswig-Holstein. The 2022 edition featured the story of the discovery and excavation of three historical shipwrecks on Süderoogsand, in the North Sea.

For this article my team decided to go a step further than just the printed journal and create a mobile website as an extension, to really get a feeling for the discovery.

Under supervision of the leading Archaeologist, Dr. Daniel Zwick, who supplied me with blueprints and helpful insight, I was tasked with modelling a 3D reconstruction of the excavated ship that was later used to create the interactive visualisation on the website. This required a deep dive into ship anatomy and I learned names for things I had never even known existed.

The final reconstruction was made in Blender and then integrated into the website.

You can check out the finished product here, and explore the ship in your own time!